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Please find below a variety of physics/science related stuff that I use in my day-to-day teaching. Note that a couple of these resources are AQA specific*:

Science Misconceptions

Cognitive Science

AQA Applied Science resources

  • Specification
  • Unit 3 AO1 – Use information about topical scientific issues obtained from a variety of media sources
  • Unit 3 AO2 – Understand the public perception of science and the influence that the media have
  • Unit 3 AO3 – Understand the ethical, moral, commercial, environmental, political and social issues involved in scientific advances, and how these are represented in the media
  • Unit 3 AO4 – Understand the roles and responsibilities that science personnel carry out in the science industry

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Both GCSE & A-level:

Required practicals:

Revision ideas for teachers

Physics careers

KS3 Science

Teaching/memorising equations in Science

Other cool stuff